Alaska Coffee Roasting Co.

"Celebrating coffee, the wine of the tropics"

Est. 1993

We are currently hiring weekend bakers. Applicants should have a flexible schedule and be available to work at least three 8-hour shifts a week, Thursdays-Sundays, 20-35+ hrs/week.

Though we are absolutely looking for baking experience, we also very much believe in ongoing training and will definitely be training to our kitchen standards. So while you must have some experience, you don't have to be master of the craft; you just have to love to cook and be willing to learn. We are always looking for applicants that show strong leadership and responsibility with the potential to become Shift Leads.

The position we are currently hiring for is not for everyone, so we would like to try to save some time and effort on everyone's part:

If you do not have baking experience, at home or in a professional setting, please do not apply for this current position.
If you cannot work evenings and weekends, please do not apply.
If you do not truly like to cook/bake/chop/clean, do not apply.
And if you are not a genuinely cheerful, optimistic, outwardly friendly person, ...please skip this ad and try to find a position more likely to be a better fit for you.
We only say this because we want you to be happy where you work and we want to be happy working with you!


Are you what we're looking for? be honest with us, and yourself.

Does the challenge of working efficiently and skillfully under pressure (without losing your sense of humor) interest you?  This is definitely not a sit-around-on-your-butt-drinking-coffee job... you really have to be able to hustle!

Are you interested in culinary stuff, foodie stuff?  Maybe you love to cook (or watch cooking shows?) or maybe you just love to eat?  Could you wax poetic about a knock-your-socks-off cookie (or beer, or cheese...)?  Could you do it in 10,000 words?  How about three?   

Do you like to make stuff?  Are you inventivecreativeand artistic?  Do you dig (or make) some kind of art, or design, or craft?  
Can you take responsibility for your work?  Do you take pride in a job well done?  What about the not-so-glamorous jobs, like scouring pots?

Can you get up early in the morning (and function)?  Not all our shifts are super early ones, but a lot of them are.  Can you be on your feet for long stretches without pooping out? Are you dependable?  Can your co-workers rely on you?     

And finally, do you plan on sticking around a while?  Cause it might take you a while to become a kick-ass baker. If you answered yes to everything so far, though, we think you might be awesome!

About the positions

Baker responsibilities include: 
- Reading and following established recipes 
- Preparing great food from scratch
- Developing baker skills and helping train new-hires 
- Maintaining the kitchen environment and equipment     
- Re-stocking inventory and communicating store needs     
- Ensuring food safety standards are met     
- Recommending product and process improvements     

Shift Leads are also responsible for:    
- Directing and monitoring staff     
- Coaching baker skill development     
- Providing hiring and performance feedback     
- Resolving customer concerns     
- Managing inventory   
- Shift logistics, documentation and communication