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Ethiopia Harrar


Ethiopia Harrar


Ethiopia East Harrar 4 Nafisifi - medium roast, notes of berry, strawberry, and honey.

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Grower: Rashid Abdullahi

Variety: Indigenous heirloom cultivars

Region: Harari People’s Regional State, Ethiopia

Harvest: October – December

Altitude: 1200 – 2100 meters

Soil: Vertisol

Process: Full natural and dried on raised beds

Ethiopia East Harrar 4 Nafisifi Lot 3011 GrainPro is sourced from family owned farms in the legendary Harari region best known for the Harrar Horse coffee brand, which hasn’t been on the Royal cupping table for several decades. Rashid Abdullahi, co-founder of Nafisifi (the exporting company that sourced this lot) is also a descendant of the Horse. Rashid is the nephew of Mohamed Adullahi Ogsadey, the Somali King who made the Horse brand famous. Rashid has spent the better part of two decades trying to put a Harrar, with all the luster of the past, back to the Royal cupping table. Rashid personally selected the cherries and implemented a raised bed project to ensure meticulous drying protocols. This is also the first year since the creation of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange that new rules permit export directly to Royal. The stars have aligned and somewhere the spirit of the Somali King is smiling.