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Est. 1993

Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico Ciales - Uniquely Caribbean. Earthy and full -bodied with a pronounced dark fruit character, chocolate and a delightful sweetness. Velvety mouthfeel with smooth acidity and an incredibly long, smooth finish. * Comes as 12 oz.

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Region: Ciales Mountains

Producer: Cafe Chevere

Varietal: Heirloom (via Ethiopia), Bourbon

Altitude: 2,700 feet

Processing: Washed

Coffee was introduced to Puerto Rico from Ethiopia in 1736, and has been cultivated in the Ciales Mountains since 1820. Once one of the leading coffee origins in the world, Puerto Rico's production has fallen off dramatically. These days premium coffee from Puerto Rico is rarely seen abroad, and we're very fortunate to have obtained a few bags on this spectacular offering.