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Mexico Oaxaca Pluma Juquila Lachao - medium roast, notes of milk chocolate, raisin, and dried orange.

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Grower: 700 coffee producers organized around Juquila Lachao Group

Variety: Typica Pluma

Region: Juquila, Oaxaca, Mexico

Harvest: November – February

Altitude: 900 - 1600 meters

Soil: Clay minerals

Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun

Mexico Oaxaca Pluma Juquila Lachao is sourced from 700 family-owned farms located in the Juquila growing region in state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Coffee producers use their own micro-mill to process harvested cherries, which allows for meticulous care in depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. Coffee is cultivated on farms that average just a few acres in size, which means most farmers also grow native bananas, corn, beans and fruit trees to supplement their incomes. The Juquila Lachao group was founded eight years ago. Alberto Pérez Marisca, a third generation Oaxacan coffee farmer and a longtime friend and coffee supplier for Royal recently started working with the Juquila Lachao group. Alberto receives dried parchment from the group and then mills the coffee at his own dry-mill and exports the coffee, which ensures meticulous care and traceability from the Juquila Lachao group all the way to the Bay Area.